Ugh, you haven’t even verbally talked
           to the narrative point and you’re already
           annoyed. You know, if you actually knew
           what they were thinking - which you didn’t
           that was made clear enough. So, annoyed
           wasn’t felt, just confusion.

           Magic was real, just not in the forms
           people looked at it to be. Science is
           like magic; a calculator transforming
           into the world itself. Science is endless
           with just as much endless as to the
           possibilities it holds. Like magic.

           It takes one non/believer to destroy
                            a p o p u l a c e

                   EB: says you.
                   EB: if anything’s fake, it’s religion.
                   EB: i mean, i don’t want to go into details or anything but from the movies i’ve seen, it’s how science and aliens teach us that ghosts and religion are fake?
                   EB: regardless, i still love the paranormal, the things i don’t know.

              { For your information, magic is not
                real, and anyone who says otherwise
                is a giant liar who should not be trusted.
                Honestly, yeah, you better be confused.

                Did someone say something about science?
                Dude, science is the best thing to exist;
                and history, too— oh yes. 
                Magic is faker than anything you say so. } 

       ca: yeah says me
       ca: magic is still fake
       ca: wwhether or not your religion is fake or not is not somethin i care  
       ca: science is better

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so hi

i dont have any of the pages up yet but w/e.

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{ Okay, no can do. 
   This kid right here
   is not dealing with you. }

    “Excuse me?”

mun is a dork, pass it on.


Name: eliza
Age: 14
Gender: female


Food: dumplings or sushi
Drink: cherry coca cola
Book: cloud atlas
Favorite Author: david mitchell at the mo
Song: everybody wants to rule the world lorde cover at the mo
Movie: cloud atlas, inception, now you see me
TV Show: Sherlock or avatar the last airbender
Band/group: iamx or bastille or imagine dragons
Solo Artist: mika
Place: california
School Subject: math and english
Sport: ice skating
Male Actor: andrew scott or ben whishaw
Female Actor:  doona bae, halle berry, or louise brealey


Best Friends: idont do best friends i do close friends bc idk best just doesnt sound right to me
Significant Other: nope
Siblings: nope

Dream Job: physicist
Tattoos: nope.
Piercings: nope.
Languages: english & chinese


Reason Behind URL: "wrathful" with an x
Reason Behind Icon: it was my old one
# of Posts: 24
Why You Joined: bc my friend had one
First URL: i deleted it

# of Blogs: at least like 12

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          Angels; those were something.
          Did they exist or did they not?
          That was the question.
          Even if you didn’t care all that much about them.
          Ghost though, the paranormal.
          Now THAT was sweet.

          What was this guy even talking about?
          Pretty sure you’d remember a name like
          EB: oh jeez, not another one.
          EB: whatever dude.
          EB: magic is as real as you make it to be.

               Angels do exist, except you know, they aren’t
                 fluffy winged happy humanoids, they’re these
                 weird, pure white hope incarnations that have
                 crocodile-like heads and I don’t even know
                 what bodies. Don’t even start.

                 And dude, now he’s quite annoyed by this
                 human believer of freaking magic. Who raised
                 you? Magic is fake, fakey fakey fake. There is
                 nothing else to it, are we clear? } 

        ca: wwhat
        ca: magic is not real
        ca: i mean seriously its the fakest thing in the universe
        ca: cod

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     Imagine having wings,
                f  l  y  i  n  g           
           above the world
           w e i g h t l e s s.
     Wouldn’t everyone want
      to feel free? Not tied to
     the ground. Feeling like
    an animal tied to a leash.

In his room, you rested. Movie nights were always so fun,
a bit tiring too but not due to the movie. You didn’t except
anything today until your computer went off from it’s sleep
mode. Confusion fueled the corneas of your optics before
you shifted off the bed, moving to the computer and seeing
messages in purple from an unusual pester handle.
          Who could this be?

               EB: uh, i watch a bunch of movies.
               EB: maybe program some shitty programs or do magic tricks really.
               EB: do i know you? 

                { Flying is something that angels do
                  and let me tell you a thing, Eridan
                  Ampora hates angels with a passion.
                  Hence why he killed them all on his
                  planet, but you know, that’s a thing
                  that he tries not to talk about. Besides,
                  it hasn’t even happened yet. ( i mean what. )

                  Don’t even start.

                  Being in the sea is lame, too bad your husk top
                  is connected down there; how does it even work,
                  though? Huh. ( man, alternian things don’t make sense at all. ) } 

         ca: you knoww i dont think you knoww me
         ca: an im not gonna say if im supposed to knoww you
         ca: but wwhatevver
         ca: magic isnt real just so you knoww

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